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CALEO Heating Film (Plane Heater)

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CALEO Heating Film (Plane Heater)

Conventional carbon film manufacturing involves the fragmented processes of silk screening printing of the paste on the a PET laminex sheet. This sheeting is then subjected to high temperature in baking chamber.
CALEO product is highly stable. It is also more resistant to heat and less susceptible to separation from pressure than any other product.
In this way, Dymsco guarantees a better finished product because both the high quality conductive polymer material and the highly sophisticated manufacturing process are controlled any source.


Generating Power
Length(per roll)
110 watts/m
180 watts/m
210 watts/m

(Order production for other spec except 50cm, 80cm, 1m width)

Product Feature

  • Ideal for installation under any type of floating floor, including laminates.
  • Provides radiant floor heat with a level of comfort that no other heatiing method can match
  • Benefits the human body by applying for infrared heat
  • No electromagnetic waves emitted from the heating film
  • With its slim design, it is simple to install and ready to use
  • Able to select desired temperature level for your own comfort
  • Small or partial application is possible
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Produces negative ions
  • Film will not wrap or malfunction through extended use

Manufacturing Capability

DYMSCO is the only heating film manufacturer capable of producing film up to 3.28ft(1m) in width. This ability enables savings on labor costs, decreasing the entire work load.

Product Comparison

Heat Resistance Test

Company Product
Product A
Product B
Product C
Melting Point
230°F ~ 267°F
(110°C ~ 131°C)
167°F ~ 194°F
(75°C ~ 90°C)
176°F ~ 203°F
(80°C ~ 95°C)
175°F ~ 212°F
(80°C ~ 100°C)

This result shows that the melting point of CALEO heating film is approximately 86°F (30°C) higher than other competing products.

Adhesive Intensity (Insulating Properties)

Company Product
Product A
Product B
Product C
Intensity Level

A higher intensity level also means higher durability for preventing moisture penetration.

Wiring Procedure

What is Far Infrared Ray (FIR) ?

Far-infrared ray is a part of the sunlight spectrum which is invisible to the naked eye (between 6 to 14 microns). As it is more penetrating than visible light, such radiation lends itself to many kinds of practical applications such as drying, heating, and thermotherapy.

How does FIR benefit our body ?

The physicla properties of FIR penetrate deep into the subcataneous tissues improving blood circulation, increasing overall metabolism, and detoxifying the body of metabolic biproducts.
Upon penetrating the skin, Far Infrared Ray (FIR) transforms from light energy into heat energy. The thermal effect within the deep tissue layers cause blood vessels and capillaries do dilate, promoting better blood circulation.

CALEO's Radiant Heat Efficiency

With CALEO's heat, every object in the room becomes warm by emitting far infrared rays and negative ions contributing to your overall comfort. CALEO's heating system is the number one choice by homeowners worldwide because its heat consumes 20% less energy than other heating methods.

Mix design

A mix design is the blending rates of the materials using for an film heater, depends in the purposes.
The essential considerations
1) A change rate of resistance
2) A prediction of film's hardness on the heating
3) Using consistency for operation quality and CAD program for pattern design.

Doping Process

After a plasma treatment on a film, the paste that is mainly made of carbon and silver apply to the designed circuit.
Our doping equipments of Metallic pattern make arrangements for an accurate formation of a pattern and durability comparing to Silk Screentype

Heat Treatment Burning Chamber

It is necessary for a process of the heat treatment on a high temperature to maintain the perfect qualigy of heating part. We take a method of the regulating temperature of Digital-PID-AUTO Tuning that makes sure to be the high-precision distribution of temperature in oder to prevent a film from deformation and damage with keeping a high qualigy during the formulation process in high temperature.

Insulating Coating

A formation to the exceedingly stable compound caused by the strong chemical combination of EVA and PE, make sure to be almost flawless chemical inactivity, heat-resisting property and insulation stability.
Although a material composition depends on the purpose, we are mainly using an insulaiton coating film of GE Motor as the type of the heating film that utmostly requires stability.


An inspection of the sampling and whole-product go into operation by a reliability test suited for the confirmation standard of UL and CE.

  • Testing items
    withstand voltage test / Change rate of resistance / Tensile strength test Insulation testing
  • Quality object
    - A repeating simulation and improvement in equipment testing for the qualigy stabilization of materials
    - The observance of an error treatment process for the manufacturer process and occurrence of a badness
    - The establishment of a guarantee for the whole quality
    - ISO 9001 / 2000 System settlement